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School Transport Services offered by Arabian Royal Transportation is established by seasoned transportation professionals to provide strategic solutions to student transportation issues. We at Arabian Royal respond to all critical needs by creating smart solutions to unique situations involved in school bus operations and Provide you with School Bus Pick and Drop Service in Dubai.

School Transport Services by Arabian Royal commenced its operations as a bus and car Rental Company, specializing in school transportation and charter bus services on the 15th of June, 2008 in Dubai.

Dubai School Bus Rental

Dubai is the financial, educational, and activities capital of the UAE. The Dubai school bus rental program is the most prominent in the country. Our Dubai school van is controlled by RTA and they have the authority to define rules for the bus, drivers, and even bus assistants. School Transport Services in Dubai is under the control of RTA and the ministry of education in Dubai. A typical bus for school students’ transportation is yellow in color and equipped with all the accessories like CCTV cameras etc.

Sharjah School bus Rental

Sharjah has the most relaxed rules when it comes to Sharjah school bus regulations. School transportation services in Sharjah are coming under SRTA slowly. Until now it is not mandatory for the bus to be yellow color or having fundamental accessories installed on the bus. Like, yellow color bus, the driver must be certified by SRTA or any other authority. It is not important for a Sharjah school bus to have CCTV cameras and staff boards. Normally white color buses are in use in the majority of the schools in Sharjah.

Our School Transportation Services in Dubai

Welcome to one of the biggest School Transportation Services company in the UAE. Our main focus areas in School Transport Services & school bus rentals with safety, reliability, punctuality, and hygienic measures on daily basis. We do a daily random checkup of our employees and vehicles to maintain high standards of quality. We provide, to various Schools and Universities, our special services with international quality standards. In any school, transportation is considered to be the backbone of the institution.

Quality School Transportation Services UAE

School Transportation Services are not monitored seriously. The RTA and SRTA are striving to make school transport services digital. The addition of GPS in the buses with live cameras will make the services more efficient and traceable. We take pride in the fact that we have sustained several long-lasting relationships with different schools over the years. Arabian Royal  Transport gives the best services at affordable rates together with all the mandatory standards. In fact, the Dubai school bus rental program costs more than Sharjah and Ajman but less in Dubai. Sharjah school bus has fewer prices and it is really headache free.

When it comes to School Buses, we believe in concentrating on three aspects: Quality, Safety & prices.

Important points before hiring a school van or bus

A school bus is given on contract on a monthly and yearly basis. There are safety measures for the kids and its security is guaranteed. To hire, lease, or contract a bus you must know the year model, the maintenance level & its insurance policy. It must be comprehensively insured to protect the rights of the driver and school students. School Transport should be approved by the respective state RTA and traffic department.

School Bus Specifications

A typical school bus is yellow in color while it is monitored by a GPS tracking system. Sizes of these buses vary from country to country but in the UAE 22 Seater, 26 seater, 35 seater, and 54 to 65 seater buses are in use and bus rental Dubai. It must have a camera behind, towards the right and left and a minimum of two cameras inside the bus. Seat belts are mandatory for a bus. There must be a stop board at the side of a bus to safeguard the students while entering or leaving the bus. School Transport Services are nowadays getting online so that you may know about your kid and make sure that he/she is safe on the bus.

We strive

To provide safe and reliable transport services to our esteemed customers at the highest levels of

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Commitment

Our Vision

To be the first and foremost in transportation services, bringing to your doorstep

Our Commitment

We are committed in providing the best transport service with the highest safety measures and comfort to each passenger. We strive to provide our passengers with the best travel experience in a safe and clean environment. The latest research, development, and implementation of state-of-the-art equipment guarantee world-class quality and traveling comfort. Customer satisfaction and enduring clientele is our goal.

Our History

Arabian Royal Transport LLC, UAE is established by seasoned transportation professionals who have a track record of more than 50 years of rich experience managing transport services for over 50,000 students and other passengers every day in the U.A.E.

Our Team

Our team consists of experts in the areas of safety, training, recruitment, maintenance, route management, customer service, and public relations.

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