12 Seater Abu Dhabi

Rent a Car (Hyundai 12-Seater Minibus) Abu Dhabi, UAE

Arabian Royal is the best provider of Passenger car hire 12 seater in Abu Dhabi and UAE. We offer the best prices on cars for budget, family trips or for a luxurious long-term hire with a driver in Abu Dhabi. Established in 1990 as a part of our unique and innovative focus on delivering luxury vehicles to clients, Arabian Royal specializes in bringing together some of the highest-quality and most sought-after vehicles available for purchase or rent in Dhabi.

Passenger(Including Driver) :12 Adults
Luggage :2
Color :White / Black
Transmission :Automatic
Fuel Type :Petrol
Model :2022 / 2023
Airbags :Yes
ABS :Yes

12-Seater Minibus Hire Abu Dhabi

Looking for luxury or Budget 12 seater bus/coach rent from Abu Dhabi?. Yes, you are in the perfect place, we are the most trusted company to hire 12 SEATER bus rentals in Abu Dhabi UAE.

Hyundai H1 12 Passenger VAN Rent in Dhabi modern and powerful. A comfortable vehicle, for the whole family. All utilities are included. Perfect balance of price and quality. H1 is the answer when a regular, car-based station wagon is just not big enough. The strong, modern exterior is complemented by a comfortable, convenient and spacious interior. Spacious and flexible, stylish and luxurious – welcome to the 12-seater H1. In this quiet cocoon of sanity, the driver and passengers lack nothing of any substance.

The general sense of roominess is helped by having the gear lever located on the central console, thus helping to create a full-length floor that is flat and safe. H1 is the correct answer when delivering people take priority over packages while it is primarily a practical, hard-working carrier.The layout means there is plenty of space for professional working equipment, sport gear or holiday luggage.

  • 11 Passenger Capacity
  • System With CD, USB
  • Enhanced Air Conditioning
  • Luxury Seats
  • Buses with Driver Only
  • Book Private Groups Tours & Events

Are you planning an Abu Dhabi tour?

Abu Dhabi 12 Seater Car Hire

You will get a great 12 passenger van rental Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is as balanced as possible and does not consume a lot of gasoline. All you need is to make your route and go on a trip. Many companies provide discounts and advantageous offers for regular customers so you can count on a good offer. Any holiday or event on a grandiose scale cannot do without the presence of automobile, especially when a large number of people gather, and they all need to be seated and delivered to the appointed place. 12 passenger van Abu Dhabi, UAE is a great option. we have a hyundai h1 for rent in Dubai also. therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us from anywhere in UAE.

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