How Do We Clean Our Buses

How do you properly clean a bus?

What products can you use to sanitize surfaces without destroying them?

The bus rental industry is coming up with solutions to better prepare transportation for the new normal of sanitizing their fleets for the upcoming events, tours, school buses and other transport needs.

According to our Arabian Royal Transport and Bus Rental in Dubai survey conducted this month with transportation directors and supervisors, 88 per cent of 337 respondents said they are planning on taking extraordinary measures to disinfect their buses for the rest of 2020 year. Many of us know that specific guidance from authorities will come in place, however, our Bus Rental Company is practising already a daily bus cleaning at least plus extra interior sanitization after each and every ride with intervals of use between trips longer than 6 hours.

Similar to our actions, 82 per cent of 329 respondents said they are considering wiping down the bus seats with disinfectant after every run or route.

Basic Guidelines About Cleaning of Buses

Bus manufacturers are offering disinfectant guides on their websites to better explain how to clean their buses without damaging the seats or the equipment.

We recommend include wiping down surfaces prior to disinfecting them and using ready-to-use cleaner that can be applied directly to surfaces.

We do not use pure bleach or pure hydrogen peroxide on vinyl, fabric or plastics. It also advised to not use diluted bleach on fabric like seatbelts or ammonia-based products on plastic, vinyl or touchscreen monitors, flooring to plastics, seatbelts to bus exteriors.

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