Types of Toyota Hiace Van

What are the Different Types of Toyota Hiace Van (Variations)?

Over the course of its production, the Hiace van has had many van variations. They have all been characterized by certain changes to improve the ride quality, power distribution, and capacity. The aim of these improvements is to make the Hiace a modern workhorse. There have been certain variations that have stood out through the generations. They include the Hiace Panel van, the Super GL, the Mini-bus, and the Deluxe/DX versions.

Hiace Panel Van

The panel van is arguably the most famous urban load carrier in the world today. Since 1967, it has been used as a delivery van, a commercial van, an office moving van, and in even in some parts of Africa modified to carry passengers. The cab over design in particular allows for more luggage space in the back.

There have been several developments in the line, to improve its functionality, especially in urban spaces. It started with the introduction of a longer and more streamlined cab in 1977, during the introduction of the second generation of the vehicle. The introduction of a short and long wheelbase version to increase diversity. The engines and transmissions have also been vastly improved for more fuel efficiency, more horsepower and torque, and lower carbon emissions. The most powerful of the first generation Hiace panel vans for instance could only muster 84HP, while the newer versions come with a more powerful 2.8L turbocharged engine capable of up to 174HP. That is more than double the original Hiace’s output.

Common Uses:

  • • Public service vehicle
  • • Ambulance
  • • Delivery and cargo van
  • • Refrigerated van
  • • Moving van and furniture carrier


  • • Powerful workhorse of an engine
  • • Excellent load carrying capacity
  • • Smaller turning circle (6.9 meters)
  • • Comfortable driver cab with fabric seats
  • • ABS and reversing camera on newer models

Toyota Hiace Super GL (Also called: Black Stripe, Silver Stripe)

This version of the Hiace came with the introduction of the fourth generation. It was created as an upmarket version of the workhorse DX. It was wider and the engine provided more power. The ride quality was also greatly improved, and subsequent upgrades were made with each newer version of the vehicle. For instance, the 2012 super GL came with a 3.0L engine, and safety features such as front airbags for the driver and passenger. It also came with anti-lock braking and air conditioning as standard. They have since added reversing cameras as standard. The 2012 Super GL is capable of an impressive 8L for every 100 kilometers, and comes with a four star safety rating. All these are features that are essential for urban driving which is something Toyota promises with the Hiace.

Common Uses:

  • • Public Transport vehicle (Requires some modification)
  • • Delivery van
  • • Ambulance
  • • Funeral Home Hearse
  • • Tour Van


  • • Excellent fuel consumption
  • • Great carrying capacity and payload (1000kg)
  • • Excellent fuel consumption
  • • Powerful 3.0L engine
  • • ABS and Air-conditioning as standard

Toyota Minibus (Also called: Hiace Bus, Hiace Commuter)

This was launched and marketed as a people carrier. It was the comfort option of the Hiace and was designed to ride better than the Commercial van, with relatively the same amount of power. The commuter Hiace in the third generation can be touted as the precursor of sorts to the minibus. This was confirmed with the launch of the fourth generation 15 seat super long wheel base high roof minibus in 1989. This came with either a 2.0L gas, or 3.0L turbodiesel engine. The newer versions came with more power up to 160HP and a 5 speed manual gearbox. The diesel version gets a four speed automatic with the gas variant getting a 6 speed automatic instead.

There have been improvements to the original minibus, with focus being on comfort and passenger space. The mount of seating has been reduced for the 2019 version for instance with focus on passenger space and leg room. You get a choice between a 12 and a 14 seater. It comes with air conditioning as standard and foldable second row of seats for more active luggage space. There is more space in the front for the driver, with storage cubbies and cup holders. You also get a 3 inch display with connectivity and rear camera view. Safety features include ABS braking, airbags and vehicle stability control. You also get reverse sensors, hill and parking assist as standard. The minibus also comes with air conditioning for the rear seats as standard, and a power sliding door with the controls reachable by the driver.

Common Uses:

  • • Hospital van
  • • School van
  • • Company staff bus
  • • Public transport vehicle


  • • SRS Airbags, ABS braking, and vehicle stability control
  • • 2.0L gas or 3.0L turbodiesel engine
  • • 5 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission
  • • Can carry either 12 or 14 passengers
  • • Air-conditioning

Toyota Hiace Deluxe / DX (Silver Mirror)

This is the highest version of the Toyota Hiace line. It was launched as part of the 6th generation of Hiace and has seen some drastic changes to both the style and the design. The first major change is a deviation from the cab over design for a protruding hood. This also means that the engine is no longer under the front seats. This was done with both space and safety in mind. It increases the amount of room available to the driver and front passenger, while at the same time working to disperse the impact in the event of a collision. It features angular headlamp and a larger more formidable grill.Also comes with LED lights below the headlamps, compact lower air intakes, a sportier bumper, and a large chrome bar.

The interior comes with changes to the dash and the inclusion of soft touch materials everywhere. With the engine moved from under the seat, it is a reduction on both noise and temperature in the cab. The dashboard is large with easy to read dials and a gear lever. The standard audio system comes with four speakers, aux, USB and Bluetooth connectivity. The electronic doors have speed sensing locks. For safety, the Tdeluxe comes with driver and passenger airbags. It comes with ABS and an engine immobilizer.

The engine is a punchy 2.8L four cylinder turbodiesel which is mated to a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. This is capable of producing 176HP and 420Nm of torque at 1400 rpm.

Common Uses:

  • • A hotel van for ferrying important guests
  • • A tour van
  • • A Hospice van for older people and the disabled
  • • As a company staff van


  • • Engine moved to the front for more room and less noise
  • • Large Grill with LED headlamps
  • • Soft-touch interior material
  • • Powerful 176HP engine
  • • SRS airbags and ABS braking for safety.

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